For 30 years, The Goodacre Brothers bagpipe trio have been playing English dance music on English Bagpipes in three-part harmony.This is their second CD

bag up yer troubles cd cover
  • 1 The Grange Polka
  • 2 Burgundy Brawl
  • 3 G Call
  • 4 Rosin the Beau
  • 5 John's Leicestershire smallpipe solo:
    The White House Hornpipe/ Tuesday Morning/ The Postman's Bark
  • 6 New Pipers' Call
  • 7 Three Sheepskins
  • 8a The New Director Mazurka Waltz duet
  • 8b The New Director Mazurka Waltz quartet
  • 9 Pete's great Pipe solo:
    The Horn Dance/ The triumph/ The Beginning of the Armadillos
  • 10 C Call
  • 11 The Bonny Braes of Elcho
  • 12 Julian's Cornish doublepipe solo: Constant Billy
  • 13 The Packinbg Case Polka
  • 14 How the Camel got his Hump
  • 15 Paduan Cortege

Listen to track 18, The Bonny Braes of Elcho

The stunning sound of English Bagpipes played in three-part harmony with solos on the Leicestershire Smallpipe, the English Great Pipe and the Cornish Double Pipe. This CD was released in 1997 and has received many enthusiastic reviews.


White House Musics WHCD02

PRICE: GBP £10.00 + p&p